Mayor Goodman Yucca Statement

New Las Vegas city logoThe House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee is scheduled to hold a hearing Wednesday to discuss storing nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain, Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman wanted to reiterate the city of Las Vegas’ strong opposition to such a plan. Her statement follows:


“The infrastructure in this country is beyond in dangerous disrepair often rated a D- in national civil-engineering studies. To consider transporting nuclear and radioactive waste along roads, bridges, into tunnels, or on rail anywhere, and at this time, is appalling. That these highly dangerous materials will be rolling throughout the nation at times unknown, on routes undisclosed and passing through and past population centers that challenge even the least caring, it is time to repurpose, deactivate and research new ways for disposing of this waste. A waste site at Yucca Mountain is more than a Nevada issue, it is of huge national safety concern. Yucca Mountain has always been a flawed proposal for many reasons, and as Mayor of Las Vegas, like everyone else, safety is my number one priority. This is not a risk I am willing to take for my city or for our country.”


This is up on the city blog here http://bit.ly/2oI95Pm

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