Mayor Gloria’s Statement on President Biden’s Executive Actions on Gun Violence

SAN DIEGO – Mayor Todd Gloria issued the following statement in response to President Joseph Biden’s executive actions on gun violence today:

“I applaud President Biden for addressing the gun violence epidemic that has devastated families and torn apart communities in San Diego and across the United States. This is more than just thoughts and prayers – this is action.

“As a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, I thank the President for including specific regulation on ‘ghost guns,’ which are untraceable, easy to purchase and can be built at home. In 2020, the San Diego Police Department recovered 210 ghost guns in our city.

“These actions are just a start to prevent gun violence. I urge the U.S. Senate to take swift action on the House-passed Bipartisan Background Checks Act and Enhanced Background Checks Act. These bills will help keep weapons out of the hands of criminals, reduce needless violence and create a safer nation for all of us.”