Mayor Gloria Commits to 100% Renewable Energy for City Facilities


SAN DIEGO – Following the launch of San Diego’s first community choice energy provider yesterday, Mayor Todd Gloria announced today that the City of San Diego will officially transition all of its energy accounts to San Diego Community Power (SDCP) – meaning, city facilities will soon be powered by 100% renewable energy. This move accelerates the City’s ambitious Climate Action Plan goal of using 100% renewable energy sources citywide.

“The City of San Diego is leading by example. Making the decision to have 100% renewable energy sources power our City facilities is a choice that will help protect the beautiful city we call home for our children and grandchildren,” Mayor Gloria said. “Our landmark Climate Action Plan set one of the most aggressive renewable energy goals in the nation and today, we’re one step closer to achieving it.”

SDCP began providing renewable energy to municipal customers for the first time yesterday. Agencies can choose between the default option of 50% renewable energy with the default rate or can choose the “Power100” rate, which provides electricity from 100% renewable sources. By comparison, San Diego Gas & Electric’s current mix of energy sources is about 31% renewable. Mayor Gloria today committed the City to the “Power 100” rate.

“I applaud Mayor Gloria for taking the bold step to opt up to the 100 % renewable energy for powering our City facilities,” said SDCP Boardmember and San Diego City Councilmember Monica Montgomery Steppe. “There are currently 24 successful Community Choice Aggregations operating in 190 communities around California. As the second largest in the state, San Diego Community Power will provide reliable, affordable energy service from cleaner, sustainable sources bringing us closer to realizing our Climate Action Plan goals.”

The cost differences are relatively minor with the Power100 plan expected to be roughly comparable with the current SDG&E rate.

In Phase 1 of the SDCP rollout, about 9% of the City’s total energy load will transition to the “Power100” plan.

Everybody deserves to live in a healthy environment and should be protected from the impacts of climate change. That is why it is essential to shift from fossil fuels and invest in clean energy as soon as possible,” said Councilmember Sean Elo-Rivera, chair of the City Council Environment Committee. “I applaud Mayor Gloria’s move to shift the City’s utility accounts to 100% renewable energy and look forward to partnering with Councilmember LaCava to codify this change so San Diegans can count on their City to lead the way on climate action.”

San Diego leads the nation as one of the first U.S. cities to adopt a Climate Action Plan with a 100% renewable energy goal. Alongside community partners, the City has also developed a groundbreaking Climate Equity Index to evaluate access to opportunity in San Diego’s Communities of Concern and guide climate action decisions.

“Our decision to ‘opt-up’ demonstrates the immediate value of San Diego Community Power and their commitment to helping us achieve our climate goals, including a zero-carbon future,” said Councilmember Joe LaCava, who serves as an alternate member on the San Diego Community Power Board of Directors and a member of the San Diego City Council’s Environment Committee. “Through this partnership we can ensure the next phases of the rollout produce a cleaner mix of energy that is equitably distributed throughout the City.”