Mayor Durkan and Chief Diaz Statement on Early Sunday Morning Gun Violence Across Seattle

Seattle (July 25, 2021) – Seattle Mayor Jenny A. Durkan and Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz responded to the four separate incidents of gun violence with 8 victims including 3 individuals who were killed. Last week, Mayor Durkan and Chief Diaz announced $10.4 million towards resources for violence prevention and $2 million for the King County Regional Peacekeepers Collective pilot program to address the steep rise in gun violence using a public health approach. From Chicago to Minneapolis to Washington D.C., more than 900 shooting incidents have occurred across the nation this past week.

“While gun violence existed before the pandemic, we are seeing a nationwide increase of violent crimes across nearly every city in America including Seattle and our region. As people were coming back to enjoy Seattle’s nightlife, Seattle saw one its worst mornings of violence with four separate and unrelated incidents that escalated into gun fire. Moms lost their sons, friends lost loved ones, and five individuals were injured. And yet again, it is communities of color who are disproportionately impacted by this national epidemic,” said Mayor Durkan. “Tackling gun violence has no easy solutions. This level of gun violence in Seattle and our country cannot become our new normal, which is why we are moving forward with a multi-prong strategy in our region to take guns off the street, invest in community led solutions, create a comprehensive support system for young people at risk of gun violence, and appropriately hold individuals accountable for acts of violence. I also want to thank the officers and first responders who quickly responded to secure the separate scenes and provide aid – nearly every officer in our city responded to these incidents while continuing urgent 911 calls.”

“We continue to see a rise in Seattle’s deadly gun violence, and the Seattle Police Department has worked to address this violence while the number of SPD officers available to respond to these crimes is steadily decreasing,” SPD Chief Adrian Diaz said Sunday. “This isn’t just a staffing crisis. We have a public safety crisis. People armed with guns are preying on our communities and every shooting victim is one victim too many. Families are losing loved-ones and their trauma is real. However, lessening the devastation that is happening on our streets and in our homes is not something the SPD can do alone. We need everyone to encourage their friends and family members to put down their weapons and find ways other than violence to resolve their issues. This is something we all need to do together.”