Mayor Blad Requests USDA Cease Storing, Manufacturing Cyanide Bombs in Pocatello

Pocatello IdahoPocatello Mayor Brian Blad is requesting that the United States Department of Agriculture “cease the storage and manufacturing of M-44 ‘cyanide bombs’ in the city of Pocatello.”


In a letter sent to Acting Secretary of Agriculture Mike Young, Mayor Blad calls the storage and manufacture of the bombs an “unnecessary risk” as well as “a clear and present danger” to the citizens of Pocatello. Mayor Blad is also asking the USDA to provide a timeline for the stoppage.


Last month, a 14-year-old boy was injured and his family dog killed by an M-44 near Pocatello. A March 29 story published by the Idaho State Journal states the child, Canyon Mansfield, “has experienced headaches, nausea, and numbness” since the incident.


The full text of the letter can be found at pocatello.us//DocumentCenter/View/3487.

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