Mayor Berry Submits Structurally Balanced, Fiscally Responsible Budget

Albuquerque New Mexico

FY/18 Proposed Budget for General Fund


  • GRT reduced but stable for current fiscal year 2017 – growth revised from budget of 2.9% to 2.3%
  • GRT for fiscal year 2018 – growth at 3.0%, would be 4.1% if not for state reductions & TIDDS
  • All other revenue sources are stable – property tax for instance growing at 1-2%
  • Two minor fee increases in Senior Affairs (used for enhanced services – dances and meals)

Budget Highlights

  • No Tax Increases.  No furloughs.  No layoffs.
  • Reserves for a pay raise equivalent to 1% for over 900 employees making under $30,000 annually
  • Continued funding for 1,000 Police Officers
  • $1.2 million for personnel and other costs of our new Property Crime Reduction Program
  • One million to fund our plan to address the testing of the backlog of sexual assault kits
  • $600 thousand to continue operating the APD Special Investigation Division (formerly paid with federal forfeiture money)
  • 12 new positions and associated   operating costs at the Albuquerque BioPark needed to open the new Otter and Penguin exhibits as well as to maintain zoological accreditation through the AZA
  • $563 thousand for special events that highlight and celebrate our rich culture and diversity
  • $285 thousand for continued efforts in the area of economic development
  • Recurring funding in Animal Welfare for the Trap Neuter Release Program and Animal Behavior Specialists
  • Recurring funding for nationally acclaimed programs including Albuquerque Heading Home,  Running Start for Careers, Homework Diner, International Baccalaureate at APS and the Esperanza Bike Shop
  • Recurring funding for new positions and operating dollars for the expansion of Pat Hurley and Dennis Chavez Community Centers
  • New positions in Family and Community Services to help manage social service contracts and conduct more community outreach
  • $360 thousand for the continuation of the Downtown Clean and Safe Program
  • Utility and other operating costs to open the new Westside Regional Baseball Complex built with bond proceeds approved by voters over the last two years
  • Expanded funding for nationally recognized panhandling initiative “There’s a Better Way”
  • A new position in the Inspector General Office to conduct Cyber Investigations
  • A new position in Senior Affairs to begin preparation of hosting the National Senior Games in 2019

Additional Reserves

  • $200 thousand in additional supplemental reserves (now at $1.4M)
  • $510 thousand for pay increases for employees under $30,000/year
  • $840 thousand for a potential run-off election
  • $633 thousand in Lodgers and Hospitality Funds to pay fees and begin advance work for the hosting 2019 National Senior Games

Other Issues

  • Funding to replace the well at Los Altos Golf Course saving $500 thousand/year in water costs
  • Closing Alamosa Satellite Library – attendance down 33% since opening Unser Library



Local Economy

  • Albuquerque Metro added 200 jobs in February compared to February of 2016, representing the 40th consecutive month of job growth.
  • Overall job growth for 2016 was adjusted up by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics from 1.0% to 1.7%.  This is right about the U.S. growth rate of 1.8%
  • Health Services, Professional and Business Services, and Retail Trade showed the most growth, but all sectors grew with the exception of three.
  • ABQ Metro Unemployment rate (non-seasonally adjusted, NSA) rose to 6.2% in January compared to January of 2016 at 5.8%, however, ABQ Metro labor force grew at a faster rate.  Sometimes, economists attribute this to people being encouraged to re-enter the workforce, putting upward pressure on the unemployment rate.
  • In comparison, the U.S. unemployment rate fell to 5.1% (NSA) – here, the country is adding jobs, however, the labor force isn’t growing as fast.


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