Marshall Public Library Catches Tournament Fever

Marshall Public Library in Pocatello IdahoWith some of the best basketball of the year set to take place in the coming weeks, the Marshall Public Library is hosting it’s own tournament with the library’s top books.


Starting February 24, the library will be hosting a tournament among the 32 most popular books from different specialties in the library. The titles have been paired off randomly and residents will cast their ballots for which books should advance to the next round.


“You don’t need to read every book to place your vote but it can’t hurt,” said Becky Hadley, Lead Circulation Librarian. “Take a look at the reviews and summaries, then make your choice between the two on which should move on to the next round.”


The votes will be tallied at the end of each week with the winner moving on to the next round. Voters can submit their ballots at, theMarshall Public Library’s Facebook page, and in person at the library, 113 South Garfield Avenue. Library staff will have a bracket stationed at the facility tracking the progress of the tournament.


The winning book will be announced April 3.


For more information on this or any of the other programs at the Marshall Public Library, visit

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