Mark’s Column

Mark’s Column:

The latest from Dick Morris ~


(Interesting perspective on Mitt Romney. I don’t really understand what the “outsiders” think about the Mormon religion. I am a Roman Catholic and right now I couldn’t give a crap about what religion a person is. I have lived amongst the flock of Mormons, most of my life. Most of my best friends are LDS. That’s right, Latter Day Saints. So I would definitely not count Mitt Romney out. He has at least one Roman Catholic on this team, if that’s how you want to play the game.

Financially speaking, there is nobody better than Mitt Romney to take over and try and turn this screwed up economy around. For political repairs from the bozo that is in office right now, Newt Gingrich is the only solution. Michele Bachmann needs to take over Hillary Clinton’s position. Think about how powerful that trio just posted in this thread could be. . .


More coming soon.


Those of you that are in the markets at the present time should consider getting out and purchasing silver. I’m not a strong advocate of gold until I can see merchants actually understanding how to trade it. Just barter with what you have. Negotiate with your friends and neighbors if you have something you can barter with. Create your own system of finance and you will see you can go quite far without spending when you learn how to live life. That is the most important factor in all of the equation. Don’t let your earnings go out to anyone until you can confirm they are legitimate. That includes political parties and politicians. After all, if they can ask for cash from the people. . .why can’t the people just create another system where politicians actually have to work for a living? Look what they are doing with our taxpayer’s money.

Wake up America!

Peace be with you all, always, and in all ways ~

Mark Mayr
Graduate from USU, Penn State, UC Irvine and AZ State Universities


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