Mark’s Column ~ Does oil turn the earth?

Mark????????s Column for 2/20/12

Welcome aboard, everyone,

This should be an interesting issue for those inclined to stay informed of the markets and world events as they pertain to economics. Iran has declared they will no longer ship oil to France and the United Kingdom. That????????s one of the biggest ??????head fakes?????? I????????ve ever seen. Most of those who have frequented this column know about the term, ??????embargo?????? so they understand that the United States has had warships in place long before that announcement out of Iran pertaining to:


On the economical front this week we have news that Iceland is pulling out of their financial disparity much quicker than other nations like Greece, Italy, Ireland and Portugal and Spain. Nobody really knows what is going to happen when the hammer hits the European Union and what effect that is going to have on the United States. One thing is for certain, the banking systems are getting hit hard all around the world. Things are going to get tougher before they get moderate.

Let????????s take a break and listen to a favorite song of the past from a great musician that created many musical breakthroughs. As you all know that are reading this thread, Whitney Houston recently passed away. Dan Fogelberg was another singer that passed away in 2007. Enjoy this song by Dan as you go and grab a drink of your favorite beverage ~~

Dan Fogelberg. . .Same Old Lang Syne ~~
(Dan passed away on 12/16/2007)


How many of you can even believe what the mainstream media is reporting on inflation. Here????????s a great article from Greg Hunter????????s USAwatchdog.com site that hits the nail on the head: http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=72311388

Anybody that can report that inflation is under control needs to consider pulling their head out of the sand. Perhaps they haven????????t had to purchase fuel for their automobiles or food for their tables at home. Inflation is here, and it????????s here to stay for quite some time. Just watch what happens to the price of oil while Iran remains aggressive on refusing to provide oil to France and the UK (secondary to the embargo against them) and Saudi Arabia cuts back on their production. It????????s not going to be very fun for those who have long commutes to work or to see family and friends. Something tells me this is going to be the summer where people STAYCATION instead of VACATION. This means of course that they will be staying at home instead of doing luxury outings.

Let????????s chill again and listen to another bit of music before finishing up for the column this week. One thing you will want to do as you move into the future is to reduce costs in every way possible. Start walking or riding a bike when you don????????t have to go long distances. Wear a backpack with your identification inside and carry a bottle of water. You can do basic shopping and fit the goods inside of your backpack that you need to take home. Even if it is a little heavy, think about the extra exercise you are getting. You????????re not out to train, you are out to save money. At the same time, you will lose weight.

Okay, here????????s the song. I just wanted to drag you on and make you wonder what it was ~
Goo Goo Dolls . . .Iris ~~

There????????s much more to discuss but we????????ll save that for some other articles. Let????????s finish this time with one of the great ??????dogs?????? of the past (with a little help from Phil Collins). Well, two dogs. How could Sweet Polly be forgotten? ~~

Until next time, watch your assets. Try to purchase some silver coins if you get a chance and have some free capital at your dispense. You won????????t regret it. And by all means, BARTER ~

Peacefully as always, and in all ways,

Mark Mayr
Certified Investor Relations Representative (UC)
Graduate from Utah State and Penn State Universities

(Feel free to forward the information contained in this newsletter to everyone you believe may benefit. That????????s what it????????s for. Until next time, let the beat go on.)


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