Making Our Neighborhood Safer for All

A Call Condemning Hateful Actions Against Trans Community Members and Calling on candidate Christopher-Aaron Felker to Apologize and Renounce His Transphobic Positions

The transphobic stickering campaign that has been occurring in Burlington’s public parks has now spread to Ward 3, following the media calling out Christopher-Aaron Felker, Republican candidate for Ward 3 City Council, for his transphobic social media posts.

The stickering campaign and social media posts are not acceptable and not right, and run counter to our collective goals of making Burlington a safe community for our trans neighbors. Those victimized are rightly calling upon elected officials to provide more leadership and to make it be known that this behavior of hate will not be tolerated.

We condemn these hateful and cowardly actions targeting our trans neighbors and loved ones. We are a caring community and these actions do not reflect our community. We call upon candidate Felker to apologize to those trans members of the community he has targeted and victimized and renounce his transphobic positions. It is incumbent upon those in elective office and those seeking elective office to support the rights of all community members and to live their best life.

We call upon those responsible for the stickering campaign to cease targeting our trans neighbors and their public advocacy of positions that stand in contrast to our community values reflected in the City Council resolution passed unanimously in 2020 that provided as follows:

"The City of Burlington acknowledges and supports the existence of transgender and nonbinary individuals in our community and supports their rights and freedom to live openly, without fear of retribution," and “The City of Burlington condemns any bigotry, hate speech, and exclusionary spaces that are hostile toward the very existence of transgender people."

We all need to stand by all our neighbors, condemn these hateful and cowardly actions in the strongest terms possible and will continue to be vigilant in advocating for an inclusionary community where all belong and feel supported and welcome.

Signed with care

Sarah Carpenter, Ward 4 City Councilor,

802-658-0474, scarpenter

Chip Mason Ward 5 City Councilor,

802-373-8545, cmason

Karen Paul, Ward 6 City Councilor,

802-598–5994, kpaul

Joan Shannon, South End District Councilor,

(802) 324-3300, jshannon