Majority of Newest NOPD Academy Graduates are College Grads, Military Vets

NEW ORLEANS–More than half of the recruits graduating from the NOPD Training Academy this Friday (Oct. 28) earned a college degree or served in the military prior to joining the police department.

A total of 35 recruits will officially complete recruit training as Class #176. The group underwent training eight hours a day, Monday through Friday, for a total of 26 weeks. This is the tenth recruit class to graduate from the NOPD Training Academy since 2010.

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Among the 35 recruits:

  • 12 recruits have military experience;
  • 9 recruits have Bachelor’s Degrees and 4 recruits have Associate’s Degrees; and
  • 15 recruits are joining the NOPD from out of state, including recruits from California, Tennessee, New Hampshire, Florida, New York, Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio and North Dakota.

Training is already underway for Class #177, which is expected to graduate later this year. Class #178 will launch on Monday (Oct. 31) with a total of 33 recruits.

The 2016 budget funds the hiring of 150 new officers this year.

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