Maintaining Your Vehicle?›ƒ?ªƒ?›s Oil, Fluids and Filters

Maintaining Your Vehicle?›ƒ?ªƒ?›s Oil, Fluids and Filters

Neglecting oil changes is detrimental to the health of a vehicle?›ƒ?ªƒ?›s engine. Stop-and-go driving, short trips, long trips, dusty conditions, towing, hot and cold weather driving all take a toll on the life of the engine. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to ensure your engine remains in top condition is to have the oil and oil filter changed every 3,000 miles or every 3 months, whichever comes first. Even if your car is not running, accumulated moisture can build up and contaminate the oil, making it run less efficiently and running the risk of expensive repairs down the road.

Some people wonder if it is really necessary to change the oil filter with every oil change. The purpose of the filter is to sift out solid particles and contaminates while allowing the oil to flow to the engine. If the filter becomes clogged or full, the oil and contaminates will flow around the filter instead of through it. Those contaminates head straight for your engine, and while dirty oil is better than no oil at all, your engine won?›ƒ?ªƒ?›t be able to perform at its peak with all that sludge sloshing around inside. It just doesn?›ƒ?ªƒ?›t make sense to run clean oil through a dirty filter.

Did you know that each gallon of gasoline burned by your vehicle requires 10,000 gallons of air? Your engine?›ƒ?ªƒ?›s air filtration system catches airborne contaminants like dirt, bugs and smoke particles before they get to your engine. Once that system gets clogged, you can expect slower acceleration, poor engine performance and lower gas mileage. Your air filtration system, comprising of air filter, PCV valve and breather element should be changed approximately every 9,000 miles. You will breathe easier and your car will run more smoothly and accelerate the way it was intended.

Automatic transmission fluid keeps the moving parts of the transmission lubricated so they can operate smoothly. The automatic transmission filter protects the moving parts of the transmission by removing harmful metal filings and abrasive particles from the transmission fluid. It keeps the transmission fluid clean so it can lubricate and cool the transmission properly. Have your automatic transmission fluid checked with every oil change, and follow the recommendations in the owner?›ƒ?ªƒ?›s manual for changing the fluid and filter.

Your automobile is probably one of your biggest investments. Protect it by having regular oil changes and keeping up with the recommended maintenance. At Grant?›ƒ?ªƒ?›s Home Town Repair in Nibley, Utah our mechanics have more than 30 years?›ƒ?ªƒ?› experience in servicing all makes and models of cars, trucks, SUV?›ƒ?ªƒ?›s, small engines, and much more. Let us help keep your vehicle in top running condition. Call or come by today. Your car will love you for it.


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