MacCool’s Works Hard for HAFB Airmen

According to Staci Long, Committee Chair for the Team Hill Roundup at the Hill Aerospace Museum, MacCool????????s Public House was a lifesaver in helping raise over $42,000 for the Resiliency Program at HAFB that benefits Hill Air Force Base????????s airmen and their families. MacCool????????s is a local restaurant named after a Scottish warrior and known for its authentic Irish food, which somehow manages to be gourmet and rustic at the same time. It’s also known for the 17% discount it offers military personnel.

Owners Mic Warner (photo above with wife Linda [R] and Staci Long [L]) and Scott Schlisman donated their catering team, got linens donated for the tables and provided the food for the fundraiser–which the attendees raved about–at cost. That helped the event????????s bottom line a lot.

Long is no slouch either; her efforts in pulling together the army of volunteers and sea of prizes were impressive. Her husband, Col. Scott Long, 388th Fighter Wing Commander at HAFB, calls her ??????the most giving woman in the world.?????? Team Hill plus “Team MacCool” equalled one very successful fundraiser.

MacCool’s restaurants are in Layton, Ogden and Salt Lake City. Clearly, civilian and military residents in those cities benefit from the generous, community-oriented mindset of the owners. And the food? To die for!


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