Lucca’s for Italian Food

In my line of work I travel and that means eating out frequently. May 2nd I found myself in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho staying at the La Quinta Inn & Suites. I inquired about where I could have an Italian meal and the front desk clerk recommended Lucca’s.

It was cool as I walked down Sherma Avenue to Lucca’s and I was happy to get inside the warm Italian restaraunt where one of the two owners, Nancy Grasseschi, greated me and allowed me to choose a table.

Soon I was drinking water with a hint of lemon and admiring the shape of the glass and the smooth heaviness of the silverware.

Nancy returned with sliced bread on a pure white plate, balsamic vinegar and oil, and her order book. After I ordered I asked about how she had come to own the restaurant and so began a pleasant conversation and I enjoyed learning how she and her husband Greg, a man of Italian descent, had planned and created Lucca’s. I told her how much I admire entrepreneurs.

I enjoyed my dinner and then more bread was brought to me and Greg, the co-owner introduced himself. I invited him to sit with me and introduced myself. We began a friendly conversation and I was glad, so far from home, that I had chosen Lucca’s as a place for dinner. The owners were so genuine and friendly that I knew I’d be coming back again and I hope you will too.


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