Losing Weight with Jamba Juice

Peach Perfection is my absolute favorite, and my 12-year-old daughter loves Razzmatazz. She can’t tell the difference between the regular Razzmatazz and the “make it light” Razzmatazz, so we “make it light”. Peach Perfection is all fruit, so as a meal replacement, you can’t get much healthier. And taste? Deeeelicious!

For me, a Jamba Juice smoothie is the perfect meal replacement. The icy texture helps you sip, rather than gulp, and even the large “power” size smoothies are calorie-sized for weight loss. I can sip and stretch a smoothie for about an hour, and I have an amazing trick for not getting hungry any sooner than after a regular meal. Get ready; it’s shocking: Drink. Lots. Of. Water. How many times have we heard THAT? It’s easy to forget but it makes all the difference.

Whole food enthusiasts will tell you that the vitamins in a whole fruit and/or vegetable smoothie will help stave off hunger; when your body is getting the nutrition it needs, your cravings will stop. Of course, you’ll need to eat other healthy foods during the day to round out your nutritional needs, and you’ll want to let your body get used to the fruit before attempting to replace more than one meal with smoothies. I like to replace one and a half meals per day. Sometimes I buy two smoothies and put one in the freezer for later.

Of course, the smoothies are a bit expensive for a drink–but they’re very affordable for a meal, even in the large size. I decided to try to make my own at home, but guess what? It cost about the same for the ingredients, maybe even a little more. I had to experiment with portions to get good flavor combinations, and cleaning up my blender and glasses was a pain. My daughter didn’t like the homemade smoothies, either.

The worst part was that I had to be really vigilant about using the fruit right away because fruit spoils so quickly. I ended up throwing spoiled fruit away fairly often. Wait. Maybe the worst part was that I didn’t get the enjoyment of a quick mother-daughter outing and being pampered by the friendly staff at my local Jamba Juice in Layton, Utah. It smells really good in there, too. The scent hits you as you walk in and makes you want to stay.

I can tell you from experience that you won’t lose weight if you replace a meal with a Jamba Juice all-fruit smoothie and eat irresponsibly the rest of the day. You have to be committed to nutrition. I have several friends who have lost impressive amounts of weight eating whole, nutritional, unprocessed foods: just vegetables, fruits, meat, a few nuts and lots of water. No major starches or grains, many of which have been genetically altered over the years, or so they claim. They’re dedicated; they don’t cheat much. Some exercise, some don’t. They ALL say that they don’t get hungry between their low-calorie nutritional meals because their bodies are getting what they need.

I intend to join the ranks of the slim folks once again, and Jamba Juice is my weapon of choice. Cross your fingers for me, and please–keep your brownies and wedding cake to yourselves!


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