Looking to Brush Up on Your Developmental Editing Skills? Details Inside…

Development editing is paramount to any piece of literature, from the most basic pamphleto a sprawling saga, and if you are looking to enter the world of manuscript editing, this is a vital toolkit to have downThere’s a saying that goes, “Don’t sweat the small stuff, and it’s all small stuff.” Developmental editing defies this advice, urging the writer to look within, and ask the tough questions about the characters and plot.  

Are characters fleshed out to the point where we feel compelled to establish an emotional connection with them, or are they hollow and lifeless? Are our universes established enough with details such that the reader feels like they are immersed? These are among the tough questions our professional team will ask as they discuss your story toward the effort of morphing it into the bestseller we know its destined to be! 

Malone Editorial services go above and beyond that of simple editing by going all out to keep you on the right writing path, ensuring manuscript readability and furthermore its believability. This is where Malone shines! 

If you are looking for a writing agent, this might just be the end of your search. Malone Editorial boasts its own seniority and track record of multiple New York Times best sellers which has earned her the respect of smaller publishing houses around the world. 

Malone Editorial is a wise choice when you want another set of eyes on your creative works.  It’s time to make it the best it can be for its voracious audiences. 

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