Logan City Council Candidates Visit with Chamber Members

At the Cache Chamber of Commerce luncheon on Tuesday, six candidates for Logan City Council attended and shared their views on the future of Logan City.

Attending this luncheon were Karl Ward, Jeannie Simmonds, Tom Jensen, Doug Thompson, Angela Fonnesbeck and Herm Olsen by proxy (Mr. Olsen was detained by an unavoidable mediation).

The common thread from each of the candidates was the need to improve the infrastructure in Logan. According to their comments, there is everything from pot-holed streets to crumbling sidewalks to severely outdated water pipes in the ground. All of these create their own set of problems for residents and all need to be repaired, or replaced.

Three of the candidates, Mr. Ward, Mr. Jensen and Mr. Thompson want to develop ways that Logan City can become more business friendly to allow more businesses to open and succeed within Logan City. By way of their explanations, there is a difference amongst them. One has a banking background; one is an architect; and the other has been involved with government and public relations.

The other three candidates, Ms. Simmonds, Ms. Fonnesbeck and Mr. Olsen, wanted the infrastructure, but seemed to have more of a focus on the transparency of the government. They each wanted to bring the public more into the conversation for planning and direction for the city.

Each candidate was able to take about three minutes to share their position and beliefs for the upcoming election. Their comments were kept to what they believed were their salient points. At the end, there were several questions asked about 1000 West and Logan????????s possible influence on doing things right in the future? Questions were also raised about the ability and reality of making Logan more of a ??????walking?????? town.

Each of the candidates left with the invitation for everyone to get out and vote. Considering how low the last turnout was (about 6%), it shouldn????????t be hard to improve on this right that we all share was echoed by each of the candidates.


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