Local Credit Union Is Getting Local Advocates

I have become an advocate for one of my banks. Mountain America Credit Union. It started when my friend kept raving about his bank, this bank. I kept asking him if he was real about loving his bank because my other two bank accounts have never made me do anything special especially sing their praises.

I eventually joined the bank and have been pleased more times than all other bank experiences in my life. Today I needed a cashiers check and got one at Mountain America Credit Union. It was fast and easy and it was free! Both my other banks charge me $3 ea. I don’t get too many cashiers checks but this is definitely a bonus in banking.

Being Local is a great thing. And this months offer is a great incentive to experience a local bank or in this case credit union (see below).

Mobile banking is the best with the MACU banking app. (Note: I love their app). They’ve synced with PayPal so you can easily transfer money between people outside of he credit union connection. Both my other banks can’t do that. Transferring money between credit union accounts is another easy to do thing. I have several clients that prefer to pay me this way.

This month Mountain America Credit Union is running a special. Start a checking account and get $100 deposited in your account (see certificate for details). It is a good way to explore a new bank.


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