Local Credit Union Is Doing Things Right

These days it can be hard to decide were the best place to get a loan or have a checking account.

You may be crowded by the many advertisements talking about different interest rates. That is a distraction. Service and access to your money is more important especially when the credit union has better rates to boot.

Being Local is a great thing.

You may remember many years ago the famous tv show that had the tagline opening song of ????????????? everyone knowing your name.?????? For the local Mountain America branch here in Logan, Utah that is the feeling they want you to feel. By asking, ??????How you are doing??????? and ??????What can we do for you??????? before every transaction.

Contacting the branch for help or the company is easy as just dialing their phone number at any time (435) 752.3666. They have little if any fees and what fees they do have are less than other financial institutions, in fact they have a checking account that actually pays the customer $25 per year (see branch for details). At Mountain America they have solved that problem for you. You have the option of calling or chatting with one of their many associates at any time on a computer. Just go to their website, macu.com and click the chat link at the top of the page.

They have also extended that same connection with their app which allows their customers to access their account from anywhere and complete transactions. (Note: I love their app).

When walking into there branch the doors to the managers and loan specialists are open and ready to talk with you and answer your questions. I tested this idea just yesterday when I walked into the manager????????s office with out an appointment. That is the way I would define a first class customer experience. Even if one of the managers is busy there was still other managers that I could have talked with to answer my questions. That same quality of experience carry over to their services especially their checking accounts. When we compare their account minimum balances and fees to other finical institutions it become common sense. Their fees are very small. Small fees give you, the customer, more options and flexibility with your money.

When comparing the rates from a national big bank to a credit union the difference can be very noticeable. Having the lowest rate means that you are paying less back and have access to more of your own money.


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