Listen to UPR for Minute-to-Minute Updates on COVID-19 and its Local Impact

Utah Public Radio at Utah State University has ramped up its coverage of COVID-19 and the ripple — or waves — the virus is causing in our community.

As an affiliate of National Public Radio, local reporters at UPR are working hand-in-hand with those on a national level to offer local, regional, and national news to present a broad overview of news related to the virus, said Kerry Bringhurst, co-manager of the station and the host of “Morning Edition.”

“Public radio serves the public,” she added.

Information and warnings can shift on a minute-by-minute basis, said Bringhurst. “We’re announcing as much of it is possible on air,” she added

UPR has several sources to disseminate information to listeners. Here’s a quick run-down of UPR’s easily accessible sources for updates:

UPR reporters will broadcast news of events in Cache Valley school districts, such as times for meal grab-and-so services or additional information about plans to serve individuals with disabilities or preschool children.

The station’s reporters, said Bringhurst, “are, as we speak, trying to determine the impact on families who have students dismissed from classes, but also whose parents need to continue working to provide for their families.” 

Many of the experts heard on UPR will present a local perspective.

“We are relying on experts here at Utah State University who have information on how to deal with what are very emotional times for people,” she said. “They’ll also address anxiety, health care, and nutrition.”

A UPR program at noon on Wednesday will feature Mayo Clinic experts, who will discuss the challenges facing medical personnel as well as individuals. It will accept listener calls at 800-242-2828.