Let It Out, Malone Editorial Style.

Do you harbor a burning story deep down?  

Do you hold caged a story the world must experienceonly one you can provide? Regardless if that tale tells of a most infamous female captain hellbent on terrorizing the seven seas during the golden age of piracy, or maybe you’re looking to dip your toes into the world of nonfiction such as autobiographies/history books. Malone Editorial’s editing services are here to make that dream a reality by turning your drafts into items ready to be digested by the avid reading public. 

Much like you, I am a huge fan of Grammarly, but it isn’t perfect. All stories need that human element, that drive or soul, which Grammarly simply cannot replicate. Susan at Malone Editorial has worked with authors claiming a wide array of genres, who have gone on to release exceptionally reviewed books some of which have won awards or been nominated. On top of that, she has been recommended by industry veterans and high-ranking employees such as Gary Goldstein, Senior VP of Kensington Publishing. 

Malone Editorial services go above and beyond that of simple editing by going all out to keep you on the right writing path, ensuring manuscript readability and furthermore its believability. This is where Malone shines! 

If you are looking for editing services, this might just be the end of your search. Malone Editorial boasts its own seniority and track record of multiple New York Times best sellers which has earned her the respect of smaller publishing houses around the world. 

You cannot make a better decision than applying to have your manuscript looked over by Malone Editorial.

It’s time to make it the best it can be for its voracious audiences.  

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