Les Patterson????????s Monday Morning Boost: Stop that Stinkin???????? Thinkin????????

Hating Monday morning and ready to climb back in bed? Stop that stinkin???????? thinkin????????!

Ready to tell your boss, as Johnny Paycheck sang on the radio, to ??????Take this job and shove it??????? Stop that stinkin???????? thinkin????????!

If you????????re feeling grumpy, lousy, mad, angry, defeated, weak, sad, annoyed, irritated, upset, bothered, lonely, cantankerous, or even curmudgeonly??????? Stop that stinkin???????? thinkin????????!

To be clear, I????????m not implying we need to be happy-go-lucky all the time. Nor am I saying it????????s bad to feel sad. To the contrary, I believe it????????s quite healthy to experience a whole range of emotions; including, as my sister once shared with me, ??????It????????s okay to feel sad sometimes.??????

There is a difference, however, between feeling sad and letting sadness turn your day into misery. There????????s a difference between feeling grumpy and taking it out on your family or coworkers. The difference, I believe, is shown by our resulting actions. Or as Zig Ziglar said, ??????Stinkin???????? thinkin???????? produces stinkin???????? results.??????

So how do we change our stinkin???????? thinkin????????? Google it and you????????ll find plenty of suggestions, to do lists, and even step-by-step instructions. That????????s what I did, and I found a plethora of information. I????????ve read several articles, blogs and words of advice. They were all good.

Perhaps it????????s foolish of me to think I can add something to the discussion???????

Or perhaps I need to??????? come on now, someone tell me to??????? stop my stinkin???????? thinkin????????!

So here????????s my idea, taken from the ??????Frowny Face?????? song momma would sing to me when I was feeling sad???????

If you chance to meet a frown,
Do not let it stay.
Quickly turn it upside down
And smile that frown away.

Stop the stinkin???????? thinkin???????? by turning the negative thoughts upside down by replacing them by thinking about something else. If I was a song writer, we could sing a new song???????

If you start to stinkin???????? thinkin????????,
Do not let it stay,
Quickly think it upside down,
And think that thought away.

Have a great Monday. Thanks for letting me share!

Les Patterson

p.s. Take 15 minutes today and ponder how you can stop that stinkin???????? thinkin????????!



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