Les Patterson’s Monday Morning Boost: Bike with Brent (and smile and laugh)

Brent rides his bike everywhere. He honks his horn, smiles and waves at everyone. With abundant enthusiasm he smiles and waves, even if no one waves back at him. But that????????s pretty rare.

Brent has been a Cache Valley icon for years. Friday we can ride along him (or walk, run or stroll) at the Third Annual ??????Bike with Brent?????? celebration, a fundraiser for the Cache Employment Training Center. For over 50 years, CETC has been helping people with disabilities develop work and life skills and Brent is one of their many success stories.

Everybody loves Brent. At least, that????????s what I hope and believe. His ??????abundant enthusiasm?????? eagerly invites us to step out of our self-imposed comfort zone and return his friendly gesture with a smile and a wave of our own. We hear the familiar ??????beep, beep?????? of his horn and our heads turn, waving and smiling back.

Brent loves people and he loves to make us smile.

Forgive me if I include each and every one of us in that statement. But it????????s true. Brent????????s mission in life, I believe, is to smile and wave at every person he meets. And he????????ll smile and wave even if you don????????t smile and wave back. He????????ll even smile and wave if you ignore him, smirk or mutter something unkind.

But, again, that????????s pretty rare.

In fact, I????????ve never once witnessed anyone do anything unkind to Brent, though I????????m sure it????????s probably happened. Occasionally Brent????????s ??????abundant enthusiasm?????? may make people uncomfortable. But generally it doesn????????t take long before they recognized that enthusiasm for what it really is ???????? a smile and a wave to brighten our day.

Next time you see Brent riding along, honking his horn, waving and smiling; return the love with a wave and smile of your own. If you????????re inclined, come out and ??????Bike with Brent?????? Friday morning at Willow Park in Logan. Registration starts at 9:30 am with the ride beginning at 10:30.

Read more about ??????Bike with Brent?????? on CacheValleyDaily.com:


Have a great Monday. Thanks for letting me share!

Les Patterson

p.s. Take 15 minutes today to share some of Brent????????s ??????abundant enthusiasm?????? by smiling and waving a little more.



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