Les Patterson??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??s Monday Morning Boost: Achieve your goals with more self-confidence

Are you ready for the New Year? Ready to set goals and make resolutions? Ready to change your life? Reach your destiny? Conquer your fears?
Sure thing!
And that’s exactly where traditional New Year’s resolutions die.
I have no doubt your desire to change and improve is completely sincere. I get it. I’ve been there, over and over. We really want to kick a bad habit and implement a good one. We truly want to lose weight, exercise more, quit smoking. We want to get out of debt, save more, stay on budget. We want to be nicer, bolder, kinder, firmer. We want to repent, forgive, reach out, help others.
The desire to change is intimately personal to each of us. We know our own weaknesses better than anyone else. Likewise, we know the desires of our heart.
So why do we struggle so much?
Perhaps there is one key ingredient missing – self-confidence. Brian Tracy teaches “self-confidence can make you more imaginative, more creative, more willing to take risks, more powerful, and more successful.”
Changing behaviors in our life requires a strong dose of imagination to visualize your success, creativity to think of new ways to reach your goals, willingness to be bold enough to risk failing, and power enough to start the journey and then keep going when you really, really want to quit.
Brian Tracy says there are three universal factors negatively affecting our self-confidence:

  1. Doubt and Fear
  2. Guilt and Unworthiness
  3. Inferiority and Deservingness

While there are many ways to overcome these obstacles, I wish to focus on just one method – the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction simply means we attract into our life that which we wish to attract. The Law of Attraction can help build self-confidence with positive thoughts that will magnify our actions.

Thinking “I will choose to eat healthy today” will automatically help attract healthy eating choices. Thinking “I will exercise every day” will automatically help us get out of bed and get to gym. Conversely, negative thoughts – I will never lose weight/go to the gym – will automatically attract self-sabotaging actions.
The Law of Attraction will help you gain more self-confidence to help you better achieve your New Year’s goals and resolutions. But a warning. It may be very easy to ignore the simplicity of the Law of Attraction. In so ignoring, the Law of Attraction is working exactly as it was intended. Don’t ignore. Gain more self-confidence by putting the Law of Attraction to work for you.
Have a great Monday!  Thanks for letting me share.
Les Patterson
p.s. Take 15 minutes today to learn more about the Law of Attraction from Brian Tracy and Che Garman.



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