Legacy Cannabis Brand Varavo Launches New Line “Branded” Poised to Completely Disrupt the Black Market

As Regulation Struggles to Keep up with the Rapidly Evolving Market, “Branded” Enters as a First of its Kind, “The Kirkland” of Cannabis, To Even the Playing Field

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Varavo, one of the first established reputable cannabis brands, announced today the launch of Branded, a new line specifically positioned to compete with the California black market. With a long history in the industry, the Branded team’s expertise in cannabis supply chain and manufacturing results in a higher-quality cannabis product at a lower-cost, despite the extensive taxes and fees necessary to operate in the legal market.

In the city of Los Angeles to date, there are only 182 compliant, legal dispensaries. And yet, there exists thousands of dispensaries operating within the city limits, all illegally. Consumers unknowingly flock to these illegal dispensaries because they’re not regulated and do not charge the high taxes that come with regulation. These black-market shops are not subjected to taxes, permit fees and other regulatory costs associated with operating above board.

Consumers are unaware of the risks associated with buying at these illegal dispensaries—often not even knowing that they aren’t regulated businesses. In the black market, products are not required to be tested, not required to post warnings and shops have no official licensed security for patron’s safety—they collect personal, valuable information (driver’s licenses and passports) with no oversight. There’s been a substantial increase in identity theft and fraud related to sharing personal information with illegal shops.

“They make a copy of your ID when you check in. They’ll have you fill out all sorts of forms with personal information, which in reality are completely unnecessary—because the shops are operating illegally. In addition, the ’employees’ and ‘security guards’ are not vetted through background checks and have no liability when it comes to your personal information,” says Branded CEO, Kevin Bulbulyan.

Branded is the answer. All products are 100% compliant and are only sold in licensed California dispensaries, but at a “black-market” price. It’s a low-priced product (vape cartridges in varying strains, disposable vapes, tinctures, pre-rolls and flower) that are consistent, safe and potent. By standardizing a go-to product that is cost efficient and more reliable, the company is helping drive consumers into legal dispensaries. Providing compliant retail shops with a low-priced option to offer customers makes the plant’s benefits much more accessible to a greater number of people.

“Branded is going to change how the industry currently exists,” says Bulbulyan. “Trusted cannabis brands dealing strictly in the legal market are getting hammered by illegal shops in California. The state doesn’t yet have the resources to shut down all of the illegal dispensaries that crop up overnight, selling unregulated, potentially harmful products to unknowing customers. With Branded, which we call the ‘Kirkland of cannabis,’ we level the playing field and drive customers into compliant shops. Customers will want this product, which is only available at compliant shops. You know what you’re getting, and you know what it will cost—no up charge, no frills, just consistent, legal, quality product.”

About Branded

Branded Is here to completely disrupt the cannabis industry. Run by industry experts, Branded is a regulated line of cannabis products offering legal and tested vape cartridges in varying strains, disposable vapes, tinctures, pre-rolls and flower. All are high-quality and low-cost—they are the “Kirkland of cannabis.” The Branded packaging includes the fixed low-price on the exterior, preventing retailers from marking up the products. With integrity and innovation at the core of the brand’s identity, they seek to end black market sales by driving customers into safe, regulated dispensaries.

About Varavo

Varavo was founded in 2015 as a socially responsible brand focused on producing simple straightforward products with a higher standard. Fixated on every detail, we strive to produce a product which sets the bar for the rest of the industry. Our cannabis oil is processed using fresh flowers from cultivators we know and trust. Using the latest extraction and distillation technology we carefully craft a clean, potent, and consistent product that is rich with a full spectrum of cannabis derived terpenes to allow you to enjoy the unique natural effects of the cannabis plant to guarantee an end-product that meets our higher standards. Understanding the challenges ahead, Varavo established its mission, vision and values with consumers in mind.


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