LED Encapsulation Market Consumption Growth Rate by Application and Forecast To 2023

LED encapsulation market is expected to register a CAGR of over 13.52%, during the forecast period 2018 – 2023. The report profiles the companies executing encapsulation, which includes LED manufacturers and encapsulant providers.

LED Encapsulation is a technique to increase protection for LEDs from different environmental conditions. It is popular for the operational benefits it offers. The LED encapsulation market is expected to expand with the increase in LED applications across many sectors. LED Encapsulation is a part of the packaging process in order to produce the end product, LEDs. The growth of the LED encapsulation market, therefore, is dependent on the technological advancement of the LED packaging market.

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Medium-power and high-power LEDs, which generate more heat compared to the low power LEDs used in the consumer electronics. This can be addressed by opting for encapsulant during the LED packaging. Therefore, the increasing demand for the medium-power and high-power LEDs, the LED Encapsulation market is expected to expand, during the forecast period. The need for a longer life of the LEDs across applications, especially in the automotive sector (automobile forward lighting), provides scope for the encapsulant material manufacturers. The positive prospect of the automotive sector, during the forecast period, therefore, supports the growth of the LED encapsulation market. With respect to TV display application, the industry is moving from the usage of LED to OLED (Organic Light-emitting diode), which is the latest innovation and is expected to penetrate more into the market. This trend might hinder the volume growth of the LED packaging market and, thus, the encapsulation market.

The market consists of LED display manufacturers that execute their own encapsulation. Majority of the LED giants, like Dow Corning Corporation, Nusil, Panasonic, NationStar Optoelectronics., Epistar, Samsung Electronics etc., execute their own encapsulation, as it provides better control over the quality of the end product.

Silicone Encapsulant Estimated To Have the Highest Market Share

The demand for the silicon type is majorly due to the strong demand from commercial LED lighting. Silicon Encapsulant is also majorly used in other electronics applications. As the advantages silicone encapsulants provide, such as thermal transfer and light emission, are in line with the addressable need of mid- and high-power LEDs, the silicon segment is expected to grow at a substantial rate, during the forecast period. These performance benefits of silicone type explain the demand in the electrical and electronics sector. With respect to the LED encapsulation – apart from the performance benefits, the abundant availability of the material and the cost compared to Epoxy Encapsulant makes silicone encapsulant more preferred by LED manufacturers and others involved in LED encapsulation. Huge demand for silicone Encapsulant is expected from the United States and Asian regions, like South Korea and Taiwan, particularly for silicon encapsulants, due to the large production of consumer electronics like TV, tablets and monitors and the availability of the Encapsulant in that region.

Asia-Pacific is Expected to Have Highest Share in LED Encapsulation Market

Geographically, the LED encapsulation market is prevalent in Asia-Pacific (APAC) also due to the availability of encapsulation of raw material in abundance. Positive demand growth for consumer electronics and automobiles in this region, where the rapid changes in technology, is resulting in higher demand for high and medium power LEDs. This need, therefore, inculcates the LED encapsulation growth in the design of the end product.

Asia-Pacific, comprising of the major LED giants (in China), is expected to have a major market share during the forecast period. China is expected to be the major revenue generator, as it occupies more than 45% in the LED market, followed by Taiwan. Increasing demand from South Korea and Taiwan particularly for silicon Encapsulants, due to the large productions of consumer electronics like TV, tablets, and monitors, also explain the high market share. Australia, which is among the top 10 LED importers, in the world also contributes to the growth of the LED encapsulation market.

Key Developments in the LED Encapsulation Market

Jun 2018: In response to the increased production of leading-edge semiconductor packages in the region, Panasonic announced the launch of the mass production of molded underfill semiconductor encapsulation materials in Shanghai, China. Through this expansion, the company will be able to provide faster and more efficient service for semiconductor packaging customers in China, where the majority of the smartphones are being manufactured.

Companies Mentioned:
Dow Corning Corporation, Nusil, H.B. Fuller Company, Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. Ltd, Henkel AG & Co., KGaA, Hitachi Chemical Co. Ltd, Panasonic Corporation, Epic Resins, Intertronics, Cree Inc., OSRAM Licht AG, NationStar Optoelectronics Co. Ltd, Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Co. Ltd.

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