Learning to be water wise; register for a workshop before irrigation season begins

Castle Rock Colorado News and InformationIn Castle Rock, residents are committed to conservation. They know, every drop counts. With the summer months, and irrigation season, right around the corner, Castle Rock Water wants to help residents start the season off on the right track. The Town’s Water Wiser and Xeric Design workshops are a key tool to keep customers water-conscious. 


The interactive Water Wiser workshops teach residents how to detect water waste outdoors and how to improve irrigation systems to make them more efficient. Plus, get an in-depth look at what plants are appropriate for Castle Rock’s semi-arid, high desert climate.
Once they’ve completed the course, participants will earn a “Water Wiser” designation. This designation exempts participants from the Town’s every-third-day watering schedule.


Keep in mind, while participants can water any day of the week, they are still restricted to an individual watering budget and must remember to water wisely. Also, the designation is tied to the participant, not the home. That means the Water Wiser designation would move with customers to a new residence.


Castle Rock Water’s Xeric Design workshops are also a valuable tool for customers looking to conserve water this summer. This workshop teaches customers that xeric design is not about covering the yard in rocks, but the use and placement of low-water-use plants and hardscape. Learn about the principles of xeriscape design, the benefits of low-water-use plants, and the top 10 plants and shrubs that thrive in Castle Rock. Plus, get tips for water considerations and design layouts.


Over the past several years, Castle Rock Water is thankful for customer’s dedication to conservation. Together, we have reduced the Town’s water consumption by more than 20 percent. That’s a step in the right direction. The ultimate goal in the Town’s long-term water plan is for the entire community to cut back another 18 percent by using water efficiently.


Both workshops are free, but space is limited. Classes are held at different times and locations through September. Get the class schedule, registration information and more at CRconserve.com/waterwiser.

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