Learn more about birding in Castle Rock

Castle Rock Colorado News and InformationColorado is known for its beautiful scenery and rich wildlife. Learn ways to experience everything our natural community has to offer. Have you been bit by the birdwatching bug? The Town has two free birdwatching classes that have everything you need to know.


From bird identification, to binocular styles, to the best birding locations – The Town’s free birdwatching class series will make sure you’re fully prepared for the season.


Join us for the two-part series!


Basics of Birdwatching (Part 1)

Wednesday, April 26

7-8 p.m.

Philip S. Miller Library

This class is birdwatching for beginners. Join the Town’s Natural Resource Specialist for this indoor program. Learn about bird identification, choosing and using binoculars and field guides, finding local birding spots, and much more.


Basics of Birdwatching (Part 2)

Saturday, May 6

8-10 a.m.

Third Street parking garage

Put your birdwatching skills to the test. Participate in an early morning walk in search of migratory songbirds and birds of prey along East Plum Creek Trail in Downtown Castle Rock. Participation in the Part 1 class is not necessary for this guided walk.


Neither class is recommended for children under 8 years old,  and preregistration is recommended. Contact Natural Resource Specialist Barbara Spagnuolo at [email protected] or 720-733-2294 for more information or preregistration.


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