Layton, Utah: Just a Note About the Election From Mayor Curtis

On the eve of the Layton City election, here is the letter Mayor Curtis sent city employees in March regarding his decision not to run again. For information about why he made that decision, see Related Story.

(This email message is published with Mayor Curtis’ permission.)

To: All [Layton City] Employees
Email date: March 11, 2013
Subject: Just a note.

With a great deal of anxiety, I write this note to inform any who desire to know, of my decision not to run for re-election this upcoming November.

Having served Layton as an elected official for 18 years, I have developed a love and passion for the city, the people I have worked alongside, and the citizens. I feel that I have given my all as I have worked to develop, create, envision, prepare, and support this great municipality. I am proud of what has been accomplished over these years and I am proud to call those with-in the city my friends. I have loved watching the city grow and run supremely smooth. I have been amazed by the diligence and hard work of those employed by the city. I will cherish all I have learned and the relationships I have built. I will look back on these 18 years of service with the city and see fond memories, great friendships, amazing mutual accomplishments, wonderful experiences, and a fine city that has been prepared well to be placed in the hands of another.

I began this journey ready to make a difference with our children in mind, with the desire to build a better future for them.

After getting my foot in the door I was happy to be joined in thinking that it was worth repeating so that together we could keep working on what we had started.

I was full of awe and appreciation when a voting majority agreed that I was worth keeping around for this last term to continue what was working so well.

With a desire to be the best I could be, I continued to dream.

It has been my privilege to interact with heroes of mine. Airmen stationed at Hill Air Force Base. These are men and women who daily, are willing to lay down their lives so that I can be free.

It has been thrilling to help develop the recreation program to one of the best in the nation and a youth court that is nationally acclaimed. To be a part of the DARE program where we stressed that choice, not chance, will determine our destiny. To help in establishing the Layton Community Action Council, a peer association organized for the betterment of the city. To help in building economic development with the promise to keep Layton thriving.

To work at bringing the Arts to the community where family orientated programming is emphasized, to be involved with the schools, the scouting programs, educating the children on city government about the difference each of them can make by being involved in their city, and so much more.

Thank you for your support over the years, for your kindness, appreciation, friendship, loyalty, and assistance in the workings of the city. Thank you for believing in me when some didn????????t and for helping me to make my vision of creating a difference a reality. I will continue to serve with the same passion and love I have for this community for the rest of my life, but I feel that my time as Mayor will come to an end with this term. It is time for someone else to step in and continue building the legacy that is Layton City.

Thanks ???????

Your Friend, Your Neighbor, Your Mayor

Steve Curtis
Layton City Mayor


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