Layton, Utah: After 18 Years, Why Isn’t Steve Curtis Running for Mayor?

Mayor Steve Curtis sat down with his family earlier this year to discuss whether or not it made sense for him to run for Mayor of Layton, Utah one more time.

On March 11, 2013, he sent an email message to city employees saying he was not going to run for Mayor again…but it didn????????t answer the burning question that was on everyone????????s lips: why?

I interviewed Mayor Curtis and asked him that very question:

KE: ??????Your email message didn????????t say why you weren????????t going to run again…will you share the reason behind your decision? Why aren????????t you running???????

Curtis: ??????The biggest reason that I have is that, after 18 years of services, my wife and I sat down with our family and it was determined that it????????s time to come home. Eighteen years is a long time and I????????ve been a very, very privileged man to have had the support of the city. After 18 years…it????????s time to come home. There are new things on the horizon.

??????Also: time constraints with my new job at Wells Fargo Bank have crimped a little bit of the time that I was able to devote to being Mayor, and so that also played a role in it, but it????????s mainly that it????????s time to come home.??????

KE: ??????What????????s different about your change in job–because I????????ve experienced that, even trying to get an interview with you. You????????re a busy guy.??????

Curtis: ??????Well, I????????m a retired employee of Mountain Bell/US West/Qwest, which is now CenturyLink. My specialty was working with payphones; I oversaw a 5-state region of payphones. And, as we know, our payphones have become dinosaurs.

??????Anyway, I was able to get 30 years in, but to draw my pension would affect me monetarily because of heavy penalty–very heavy penalty–and I????????m still too young to actually draw it. And so, what I????????ve had to do is go out into the workforce and find a job. So, just recently, at the end of last year, I was hired by Wells Fargo Bank as a Personal Banker, and the time constraints there are a little more–even though they????????re very willing to work with me, to an extent.

KE: ??????What????????s a Personal Banker???????

Curtis: ??????Well, I????????m one that goes out, or not only goes out but, I work with individuals in determining banking products that could best suit their financial needs, such as a savings account, checking, car loan–any type of loan–mortgages. I help them through anything that they determine would help fulfill their financial needs.??????

KE: ??????So there????????s no political reason, no medical reason???????

Curtis: ??????The bottom line really is that it????????s time to come home–and I feel that eighteen years is a good long time. You know, the fire still burns within me. It really does. But, my family–I didn????????t realize–or I guess I didn????????t really put it into perspective but, my youngest daughter, that????????s all she????????s really ever known, was Daddy in politics, or Dad as an elected official. So, there have been a lot of times when the Mayor responsibilities have taken kind of the first slot, where maybe they shouldn????????t have.

??????My family has always been extremely supportive and I have to tell you that my children–I have four children, and all but one said that it????????s time to come home. The one said, ???????Dad, you????????ve still got to do it!???????? It wasn????????t unanimous!??????

My impression of Mayor Curtis was that he was sincere, hardworking and caring–qualities that any city needs in a Mayor. He hasn????????t officially endorsed any of this election????????s candidates for Mayor: Joyce Forbes Brown, Jory Francis, Bob J. Stevenson or Grace B. Stevenson [in alphabetical order.] You????????ll have to make up your own mind on that.

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