Launch Event for Hetzel & Hetzel Enterprises To be Held August 25th in Big Sandy, Texas

95 year-old Jack Hetzel, president of Hetzel & Hetzel Enterprises, is holding a launch event to jumpstart his
new products and business. They have a patent pending on a unique fire hose nozzle, projected to be more
efficient and safer to use with less manpower needed since one person can easily hold the hose.
The company also boasts of having created a new foam product that is less expensive than other foams and
that removes all oxygen, resulting in less flare-ups.

Independent Stock Market works with America's Real Deal to fund businesses.The event will be held at 2pm Central Time, Saturday, August 25, 2018 in Tyler,
Texas. The address is 101 N. Tyler Street in Big Sandy, Texas. Representatives of
the Independent Stock Market (ISM) will be available to answer any questions that
potential investors may have before investing in Hetzel and Hetzel Enterprises. ISM
provides a unique funding system, helping companies like Hetzel and Hetzel
Enterprises move from start-ups to publicly traded companies on a unique,
non-Wall-Street platform.

This opportunity for individuals to invest is reserved exclusively for those individuals who have known Jack
Hetzel for at least 45 days. The minimum investment amount is $10,000. Individuals investing understand that
start-up companies come with a ton of risk including the possibility of losing their entire investment.

America's Real Deal and ISM fund businesses through equity crowdfunding.Once Hetzel and Hetzel Entreprises have completed their initial capital
raise, have developed a viable, easily manufacturable product and are
earning revenue, they will qualify to raise equity capital from the American
crowd through ISM using Reg CF from Title III of the JOBS Act.

Companies listed on the ISM equity crowdfunding platform will be featured
on ISM’s nationwide entrepreneurial show known as America’s Real Deal.
While watching the show, the viewing audience can share information socially about companies introduced,
buy products, and even invest as little as $250.00 all from the convenience of a web-based app ~ accessible
on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.
For more information, please email Lexi Chase, ISM Director of Business Relations at Lexi@ISMClub.com or
call her at 1.833.ISM.GROW.


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