Landscape Lighting For Fall and Winter Seasons

Why You Want Landscape Lighting This Fall

landscape lighting maintenance can keep your outdoor lighting fixtures in good condtion

Have you felt the change yet? Summer’s over. That means fall is here. Changing leaves, cooler temperatures, and shorter days. Fall has its natural beauty, but it’s a signal that it’s time to prepare for winter. Among the many things you should consider for this autumn season is your landscape lighting. Portland Sprinklers and Lighting, an Oregon-based company that handles landscape lighting has their own article with tips for making the best of it, but here are the big reasons why you want the most landscape lighting this season.

1. Safety

The days are shorter in fall and winter. That means there’s less light to see by. When the cold means you have to worry about patches of ice, not being able to see where you’re putting your feet is a huge problem. Injuries from slipping on ice are very serious, and potentially fatal. Path lighting for your walkways is a good way to avoid this problem. By lining your walkways with lights, you make sure that you can always see what you’re walking on, no matter how late it is.

landscape lighting for pathways2. Aesthetics

If you’re going to be putting in landscape lighting, it should make your house look good. Autumn has a lot of natural beauty to take advantage of. The changing leaves add a lot of color to your home. With the right choices in lighting, you can highlight and compliment this to create stunning visuals that will be the envy of all your neighbors. It can be a great comfort to you as well, as the extra lighting can help stave off the winter blues as the autumn gives way to the grey and white of winter.

3. Increase The Value of Your Home

With real estate being a seller’s market right now, people are looking for easy ways to improve on the value of their homes. Landscape lighting is a fairly easy way to do that. With the right designs, you can highlight the strengths of your home’s visual appeal. Draw the eye to its strongest features and create spectacular visuals that will wow anyone driving by. Done right, it gives your home tremendous curb appeal. This can improve the value of your home. The additional safety that it gives also adds to your home’s value. For something that’s so quick and inexpensive to do, requiring no extra construction to your home, this is an amazing improvement to your home.

Don’t Wait Too Long

Fall is the best time for installing landscape lights. You’ve got the shorter days, so you get a better chance to see what your home looks like at night. This helps landscape lighting designers make the best choices on how to light your home for the best effect. If this seems like a good idea to you, then don’t wait too long. Once it gets too cold, the ground freezes and is much harder to dig. This will make it difficult to install lighting fixtures around your hard and bury the cables. This will slow down the installation, or even halt it, causing you to miss out on getting the best benefit it can provide you during the fall season.