Kudos: Why education comes before mortgages

HW+ kudos spotlights the companies in the industry that are using their platform to empower and transform their local communities.

The American dream of homeownership comes to a screeching halt if the journey there is met with apathetic support.  

Recalling his own path to spearheading this dream for many Americans, Movement Mortgage CEO Casey Crawford recalls growing up outside of Washington, D.C. in the early 90s when the city was infamously dubbed the “murder capital of the country” due to its high crime rate. 

His dad had a hardware store in one of the poorest parts of Washington D.C., and when he went to work with his dad, Crawford would also hang out with his friends who lived by the store. 

“I saw the unbelievable challenges of growing up as a poor youth in an urban context,” he said. “Even going into college, I really had a tough time imagining how some of my friends would have made it out of that environment.” 

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