Knowing Whre to go When The Times Get Tough

A Caf???? in a Small Town ~ by Mark A. Mayr

Hi everybody, I hope you are all having a great holiday season. As a writer and researcher, sometimes it becomes tough to figure out topics to put to print. Nothing, however, is better than reliving some of the experiences of the past.

It was back in the early 1970????????s when I lived in a community called Richmond, Utah. My family had moved to this community via my father????????s transfer from Downingtown, PA to this small town of Richmond. Well, to make a long story short, as a child ~ a couple of newly discovered friends of mine introduced me to LD????????s Caf????.

You see, LD had a pinball machine in the entrance of his Caf???? in that period of time. Therefore, my friends and I would go and play pinball before we went to school (or after, it really didn????????t matter). Sure enough, we would always tilt the machine and LD would have to come around to restart the machine after we tilted it. I????????m assuming you all know that after you tilt a pinball machine, it stops. Then it has to be restarted again. At any rate, LD has been a great individual for the community of Richmond, Utah for a long time. His three daughters, Lori, Terri and Patti are very beautiful and are doing very well in life. Let????????s take a slight break before we move into the future ~

Oh How The Years Go By ~ (click on the link and listen). . .


During these times of economical stress, LD is focused on operating his Caf???? into the future. He once served on the ??????Zoning Board?????? in Richmond. The doors of LD????????s Caf???? are open to everyone. I am telling you all, this is a great place to go to relax. It is located here:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsUQcoopzrs Contact information can be found here:

L D’s Cafe, Richmond, UT : Reviews and maps – Yahoo! Local, 435.258.5135.

All you have to do to get to LD????????s is go North on the highway until you get to Richmond. From there, you go to the end of town where you will find a Maverick gas station. If you are coming from the North, you will take a left turn at the Maverick. If you are coming from the North, you will take a right turn at the Maverick. Then you will go up about ???? of a mile and you will see the caf???? which is right across from the Richmond city library.

Now, a little background on this writer. I have lived in Pennsylvania, Utah, Wisconsin, Arizona, California, Tennessee (by far my favorite), Michigan, Texas and Nevada. I have never found a spot more comforting to sit down and relax in than in my little town.

LD had been through some turbulent times. His house burnt down a couple of years ago. He lost his dog by the name of, ??????Murphy??????. Any of you that have ever lost an animal and companion of that nature, understand the pain. Through the turmoil, LD continued to manage to have his facility in operation

Let????????s take a break for a moment so I can express to you all where I am coming from with this article:

My Little Town ~ (click on the link and LISTEN). . .


You know, I don????????t write long articles. I have threads where people can go to for information. Like this one ~ http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/board.aspx?board_id=2434

After being all over the nation, and all over the world, I just wish to say one thing, and that it is good to be back home again. . .nonetheless, I will miss the very special people I have met through my travels, forever. Don????????t for one second believe that all of that travel comes without back breaking pain. Never believe that there isn????????t a sacrifice to be made for progress and taking risks. LD Bowcutt has taken them all. As have many in this small community called, Richmond, Utah.

Happy New Year everyone. I dedicate this to all of my friends, all around the world. I also say, thank you. If you can make it to Utah, come to LD????????s Caf???? and we can share a cup of coffee with one another. Blessed be you for moving towards making a real change in a small community.

Weekend In New England ~ (Listen to the music). . .


Peacefully yours,

Mark A. Mayr
Bachelors in Nutrition and Food Science
Certification in Management
Certification in Investor Relations
Presently in pursuit of his doctrine in the Capital Market Systems and The Economy


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