Know Before You Go with LauderStreet

New Searchable Map Highlights City Road and Sidewalk Closures 

Avoid road blocks and traffic jams with LauderStreet, a new information resource developed in-house by City personnel using Esri technology to help improve traffic flow in the City.

LauderStreet features current and upcoming road and sidewalk closures in the City. The majority of closures highlighted in LauderStreet are planned and permitted closures resulting from roadway improvements, construction projects, new developments, and special events. Each closure on the map includes information such as the reason for the closure, the duration of the closure, and detour information. LauderStreet incorporates Google’s Traffic layer to show how a closure is impacting existing traffic conditions.


LauderStreet Benefits
  • Mobile-friendly map that is accessible on regular computers, mobile phones, and tablets so information is accessible no matter where you are,
  • Helps prevent delays and makes traveling to and from a destination more efficient,
  • Provides City personnel with a resource to manage active closures and discourage unapproved closures to avert public safety or traffic issues, and
  • Makes our streets safer, which supports the City’s Vision Zero goal of achieving zero traffic-related deaths or serious injuries on our streets.
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LauderStreet is not a real-time navigation or information tool, and it may not include every incident or emergency that occurs on City streets, such as after-hours emergency road closures, crashes, or closures by other entities. 

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