Ketchum Urban Renewal Agency Transfers Town Square Property to City of Ketchum

KETCHUM — On March 22, 2017, the Ketchum Urban Renewal Agency (KURA) transferred ownership of 4,112 square feet of property to the City of Ketchum. This property represents a large portion of the south side of Ketchum Town Square, including the stage, seating areas, public information kiosk, planter boxes, and public art areas. Transferring ownership to the City ensures that Ketchum Town Square will remain a public asset in its current configuration, and KURA is making the transfer without consideration (i.e., with no cost to the City).


“We are grateful to KURA’s leadership for making this important and generous transfer,” said Mayor Nina Jonas of the City of Ketchum. “KURA’s decision to secure Town Square as a public place will help ensure that the downtown area can maintain its charm—including public commons for all to enjoy—for generations to come.”


In 2015, KURA first discussed selling the building located at 491 Sun Valley Road, which currently is occupied by Visit Sun Valley, Starbucks, and Windermere Real Estate. The topic included discussion over the possible risk that a substantial portion of this property, which is part of Town Square, could be sold off by a future KURA board.


This potential type of transaction could have permanently altered the configuration of Town Square and would have run counter to the community’s desire for the Square to remain public space in perpetuity. To correct this issue, the KURA board hired a surveyor to realign the property lines to permanently protect Town Square as a City park.




About the City of Ketchum

The City of Ketchum is located in the Wood River Valley in south central Idaho. Founded in 1880 during the mining boom, Ketchum is now regarded as one of the most popular destinations for winter and summer visitors due to its world-class skiing, mountain biking, fishing, hiking, restaurants, art galleries, and shopping. This year, the City of Ketchum will host the 60th annual celebration of its famous Wagon Days on Labor Day Weekend and is in the direct “path of totality” for the solar eclipse on August 21st. Ketchum is home to more than 10,000 full- and part-time residents. For more information about the city of Ketchum, visit www.ketchumidaho.org.

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