BURLINGTON (VT) – On Tuesday, January 14, Kesha Ram announced she will run for a Chittenden County State Senate seat.

Ram served as a State Representative from 2009 to 2016 on behalf of Burlington. Ram, now 33 years old, began her legislative career at the age of 22, becoming one of the youngest legislators in the country in the 2008 election. She leveraged her eight-year track record of building consensus with conviction in the Vermont Legislature to run for Lieutenant Governor in 2016, becoming the first woman of color to receive double digits in a statewide race in Vermont.

As a State Representative and candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Ram campaigned to build and strengthen the economy for working families, reform our state’s justice system, and ensure that all Vermonters have a strong advocate in Montpelier. Now, Kesha is running for State Senate for those very same reasons, and her endorsements are building quickly.

In announcing, Ram has already earned the key support of Chittenden County State’s Attorney Sarah George. George said she was “thrilled” to endorse Kesha, adding: "For as long as I have known Kesha, she has fought and advocated for our communities most vulnerable citizens. Kesha will bring compassion, energy, and true justice to our State Senate and help change lives across the state."

Hal Colston, Winooski State Representative, has also endorsed Ram out of the gate: “Kesha Ram is an effective leader who listens with empathy and curiosity. Elect Kesha Ram as State Senator to lead Vermont in meeting the needs of all Vermonters.”

Skyler Nash, a member of the Vermont Racial Justice Alliance, has joined the team as Ram’s campaign manager. He says, “In Vermont and nationwide, justice will be on the ballot come November 2020. Kesha has dedicated her life to the pursuit of justice and equity for all. As a State Senator, Kesha would help to usher in a new era of leadership for Chittenden County and the State of Vermont.”

Civic leader, author, and Hinesburg resident Bill Schubart will serve as Ram’s campaign treasurer. "Kesha has always been an outstanding public servant and next generation thinker. I could not be more excited to see her return to politics at a time when her voice is so needed and to lend my support as her campaign treasurer," said Schubart.

Sarah Soule of Shelburne is the daughter of the late Sallie Soule, who served in the Vermont House and Senate, and then in the Kunin Administration. Soule joined in endorsing Ram, saying: “Kesha’s vision and proven leadership skills will serve the people of Chittenden County well. She cares deeply about education, the environment, housing, health care, and our seniors. Kesha listens carefully, weighs the options, and acts decisively, just as my mother did when she served in the Senate. We need a powerful advocate like Kesha for Vermont families and the most vulnerable citizens of our state. It is my honor to support Kesha Ram for State Senate."