Keeping Your Business Clean Over Winter

Not Just About Covid

A lot of people are sick of hearing about Covid-19. It’s everywhere on the news these days and it seems to just be the same stuff over and over again. Well, Covid-19 isn’t the only reason you want to keep your business clean this winter, though it certainly is A reason. There are lots of winter specific problems that you’ve got to account for.

Other Winter Cleaning Issues

Covid is the big fear for everyone right now, but it’s far from the only disease. The flu is still out there, for example. Scientists still occasionally find new strains of other bacteria that have developed resistances to antibiotics and need to be combatted. You don’t want to hear about these new diseases when a doctor – or worse, lawyer – comes to tell you about them!

That’s not even the only problem, though. Your customers are going to bring a lot of snow in on their boots when they visit. That snow’s going to have dirt, whatever other pollutants the snow brings down from the sky, and road salt used to de-ice roads. Road salt is especially damaging. It can ruin carpets, peel paint, and stain things. If you leave it sitting, you’ll find your business needs to start replacing the floor.

cleaning checklistSet Up A Schedule

Clean Freak, a professional cleaning company in Logan, Utah, recommends setting up a schedule for your cleaning. Set your schedule for daily, weekly, and monthly cleanings, as well as setting aside time for the deeper cleaning you have to do for Covid-19 health concerns. That way, you know what needs doing and when to do it.

Communicate With Your Employees

The biggest step to making sure your cleaning efforts are successful is coordination. It’s no good setting a schedule if nobody knows what it is. When you set the schedule, have a meeting with your staff to go over it. Make sure everyone is aware of what they need to know and need to do to keep the store clean.

a cleaner in full covid-19 preventio gearDon’t Be Afraid To Get Help

The extra work you need to do to keep your business clean can be a lot more than you expect. Especially in the current outbreak, it is absolutely not something you can skip. It might be a good idea to outsource some of the work to professional cleaning companies. Having skilled professionals come in regularly will make sure the work gets done properly. When the risk of spreading disease is so high, the risk of not being clean enough is not one you want to take. If you aren’t sure your employees can handle the extra cleaning duties, don’t be afraid to get extra help.

Keep Clean

The outbreak won’t last forever, though it may seem like forever at the moment. Soon enough, the general populace will start to develop immunities, and new treatments will help deal with cases that pop up. We’ll get through this, but we’re not through it yet. If we want to do our part in helping get past this situation, we need to take our responsibility for cleaning seriously.

Make a plan, get your employees on board, and if necessary, get extra help. Now is not the time to do a half-job on cleaning!