Kalai Plays For Charity at USU

On November 12, 2012 the artist Kalai will be performing at Utah State University??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??s TSC Ballroom in coordination with The Huntsman School of Business SEED Program. The SEED, or Small Enterprise Education and Development Program, has been sponsored by The Huntsman School of Business since 2007, and aims to provided educational training to small business owners in underdeveloped countries. The school??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??s micro-loan program compliments the business training by providing potential small business owners with the needed capital to get businesses up and running.

Ashley Huntington, a junior majoring in Marketing at Utah State University, is one of the students in charge of the project. ??Ÿ?¦?We chose to bring Kalai because he has been to USU before, so students are more familiar with his music. He usually receives great attendance as well.??Ÿ?¦? Kalai, an Alaska native whose music is a mix of folk, blues, and rock released his first of four albums in 2001, and is currently working on a fifth. He has performed at sold out venues nationwide and has been featured on ??Ÿ?¦?Jimmy Kimmel Live??Ÿ?¦? and Extra.

Students work on SEED projects for the majority of the semester, planning events in order to raise funds of the program. ??Ÿ?¦?The amount of work that has gone into this project, is well, extensive to say the least.??Ÿ?¦? says Huntington concerning the Kalai concert. ??Ÿ?¦?I can’t sum up how much preparation has gone into this event. We first started with an idea of bring someone big to USU.??Ÿ?¦? After contacting a music agent and receiving estimates, the group chose an artist, paid a down payment, and went looking for venue options, deciding on USU??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??s TSC Ballroom. To help cover costs, the group obtained help from local sponsors. Huntington remarked on the financial support they have received, ??Ÿ?¦?The Utah Dairy Council and USU Entrepreneurship Club are both sponsors and we appreciate everything they have done for this event.??Ÿ?¦?

In preparation for the concert, students involved in the project have engaged in an extensive advertising effort. Huntington remarked, ??Ÿ?¦?We found a person to do our flier and poster image. We then separated parts of town, local high schools, buildings on campus, and different apartment complexes so that each person in our group was over a section to put up posters and hand out fliers.??Ÿ?¦? If you happen to find yourself anywhere on campus at USU, it won??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??t take long before you see a sign or poster advertising the event.

Projects like Kalai in Concert at USU fund the micro-loan program and help with expenses of the student interns that provide business training abroad. The fact that these projects comprise a major component of Management of Organizations and People, a required business course, indicates the importance The Huntsman School places on reaching out. Summing up what this program is all about, Huntington said, ??Ÿ?¦?This is great program not only for small businesses, but it gives students a chance to put skills they are learning to the test and do a lot of good for other people.??Ÿ?¦?

For those who wish to support The Huntsman School of Business SEED Program, tickets can be purchased at smithstix.com . Tickets are $10 pre-show and $12 at the door. All profits go to Wasatch Social Ventures in conjunction with Huntsman SEED program. For additional information, visit “Kalai in Concert at Utah State” on Facebook.


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