John Kerry, Our New Secretary of State, Thinks It’s Ok to Ignore the Constitution

The Senate voted 94 to 3 to confirm John Kerry as the new Secretary of State even after he revealed that there are times that he believes the President can simply set the Constitution aside and perform acts of war without any involvement from Congress. He appears to be able to ignore the Constitution when it is convenient to do so. It makes one wonder if there is ever a time when he feels bound by that supreme law.

He also reveals that he believes the United States needs to seek approval from the United Nations for any act of war to make it legal. He ignores our sovereignty with this statement and tries to pretend that somehow the citizens of the United States have given up their sovereignty and agreed to be ruled by the corrupt United Nations, a New World Government that openly opposes our Constitution and the individual rights that it embodies. As an example, the U.N. is openly opposed to gun ownership of any kind by a citizen who is not a government official.

John Kerry’s positions should sound alarm bells in the minds of every Senator. Instead, the Senators voted to confirm him as Secretary of State almost to a man. Even Rand Paul, who grilled him (shown in the You Tube video below) voted for him.

We should be highly alarmed to find that so many of our Senators can still vote to confirm a man with Kerry’s stated positions. It’s shocking to anyone who believes that the basis of our Republic is the Constitution, to find that John Kerry can simply set that law aside whenever trying to follow the Constitution is inconvenient for him. If that is the way it is with one of the most powerful positions in the country as well as with the Senators who voted for him, then what protection is our Constitution? If our highest government officials and senators ignore their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution (and/or to obey it), then that all important law is no longer in force. This is government by whim of the rulers, rather than the rule of Constitutional law.

Watch John Kerry skillfully rationalize and justify disobedience to the Constitution. Apparently, he has the sophistication to justify any act, no matter how illegal it might be. Anyone who can justify acts of war in direct opposition to Constitutional law sees himself above the law and not bound by the law. If he can justify war without a declaration from Congress, how are his President and him any different from a dictatorship? If they are not even bound by the rule of law when it comes to war powers then in what circumstances will they ever feel bound by that law?

Here’s Rand Paul interviewing John Kerry. Decide for yourself:


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