John Birch Society meeting in Northern Idaho

Twenty-eight miles south of the Canadian border, on January 17th, 2012, the freezing winter weather didn’t prevent curious and concerned Americans from Bonners Ferry from attending an open house meeting sponsored by the local John Birch Society leadership.

The local Chapter Leader introduced JBS Coordinator Leah Southwell to a group of twenty-one individuals who had braved the snow storm to attend. Leah shared with those attending a 35-minute DVD presentation of The John Birch Society (JBS) titled “OVERVIEW OF AMERICA.”

The popular DVD, available on the book table at the open house for $1 each and on the shopjbs.org website, presented information about a proper and sensible political spectrum, definitions and discussion of the various forms of government available to mankind (i.e. monarchy, Republic, Democracy, Anarchy, or Oligarchy)in our mortal life. It also presented important information about the differences between various economic systems such as Socialist-capitalism, Communist-monopoly-capitalism, Fascist-capitalism,or free-enterprise-Capitalism. Yes, that’s right, all of these economic systems are forms of “capitalism” as the DVD’s narator, John F. McManus, pointed out after defining the word “capital” for viewers. He also asserted that “Competition breeds excellence and it always has,” as he described the free-enterpise capitalist system of economics.

After the DVD presentation, JBS Coordinator Leah Southwell, told attendees something about her personal history and the pathway she followed that eventually brought her into membership in The JBS, and ultimately into employment as a Coordinator for the Society over a territory that encompasses much of Northern Idaho, Eastern Washington, and Northeastern Oregon. This modern female “Paul Revere” related why The JBS has been a force for good for 53 years across the United States. She told of the Society’s view that “Less government, more responsibility and- with God’s help- a better world” that constitue’s the Society’s motto is a possibility when good men and women associate to work in concert in support of the freedom campaigns of The John Birch Society to restore Constitutional order to our land. Attendees were invited to join the Society as members and recieve a monthly JBS BULLETIN and twenty-four issues of THE NEW AMERICAN magazine annually, as well as gain membership in a local JBS Chapter.

The group will meet again on February seventh. To find out more about location and time for the meeting contact Leah Southwell at (208) 691-7237. Or to find out more about The John Birch Society(JBS)visit their websites at www.jbs.org or www.thenewamerican.com .


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