I’ve Been Thinking: Get a Voice

Over the past few days, I have talked with people who feel that they don’t have a voice. It is not because they don’t have anything to say. They are very willing to talk with their friends and family, but then that is where “their voice” stops. People want to be heard. But, they don’t want to be ridiculed for how they feel and believe. People are afraid of putting their words on paper out of fear.

We have our elected representatives who tell us that they hear us. But, then they do something that is 180 degrees from what we have expressed. The reason? “They know better.” Throughout the decades of being heard with deaf ears, hollow promises, and going in circles, we have been trained to believe that nothing can happen. Our voice has been whittled away.

In our own realm, we are told to “send it in an email.” Really? People don’t have time to listen anymore? They would rather have a message swallowed in the depths of an email graveyard. If we send it in an email and don’t actually talk with someone, how much is lost in translation? Our voice is being whittled away.

The good news is that there are places to find our voice. Perhaps, it has been reduced to a voice of 140 characters. Twitter is a great invention because it has given people a chance to have a voice if “u can #decipher #it”.

Another new way to have a voice is Instagram ??????? doesn’t one picture equal a 1000 words? All of a sudden, people can take one picture and never shut up! Just think if they took an entire roll of pictures.

Facebook provides an opportunity for people to have a voice through what they have eaten that day, where they have been, who they are going to vote for, what games they are playing and what they like. (Notice, you still can’t dislike something.) Sometimes, I get tired of those voices because quite frankly, I never was able to keep up with the Jones family.

Take a look around you. The strongest people in your community, the strongest people in your state, the strongest people in the country have found a way to have a voice. Dig deep inside and find that hidden gem that everyone has ??????? intestinal fortitude and use it! Share your voice with your friends, your community and your nation. Do not be afraid to share how you feel and what you believe.

Personally, I love to hear the opinions of other people. It broadens my thoughts and helps me understand why people do the things they do. People young and old need to find their voice and share their voice beginning today.


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