Italian Artist Raimondo Galeano to Debut Artwork in the U.S.

Galeano’s Light Art Exhibit Showcase Begins October 11 in New York

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Award-winning Italian artist Raimondo Galeano, who communicates his art
through the use of light, will be presenting his art for the first time
in the United States with an exhibit in New York from Oct. 11 to Nov. 10.

The exhibit, named “Cosmo’s Navigators,” is hosted at the NonFinito
Gallery at 108 South Street in Manhattan, and is supported by the artist
promoter, Annalisa Bianco, a lawyer with a passion for art.

Born in Italy, Raimondo Galeano discovered his passion for art while
being an engineer for the singers of Italian light music. Shortly after
he met some artists, he traveled to Rome and began his journey as an

“We are truly honored to have Raimondo Galeano showcase his art in New
York at our gallery,” said Mariangela Manica NonFinito. “He is a unique
artist and we are excited to showcase his creativity to the people of
New York.”

The exhibition opens on Thursday, Oct. 11 at 6 p.m. and runs through
Nov. 10.

Cosmos Navigators unique presentation and artwork of light will be an
exposition full of scientific suggestions, from innovation to
sustainability to thought. The experimental nature of light prompted
Galeano to give up paints and start painting with light.

Visitors to the exhibit will have a unique opportunity to interact with
Galeano’s artwork and have a chance to turn into actors/painters,
allowing them to creative and a part of the art. Guests will be able to
“travel at the speed of light” to cosmic borders where they can create
your own sketch.

To learn more, please visit www.nonfinitogallery.com
or visit Galeano’s website at: www.raimondogaleano.com
The exhibition is free.

The exposition of Galeano’s works will be hosted at the NonFinito
Gallery of Eraldo Vittorio Barletta with the support of Valbruna, an
Italian stainless steel producer operating in Fort Wayne, Ind. “Valbruna
is proud to bring this extraordinary artist into the United States,”
said Massimo Amenduni Gresele, managing director of the Valbruna Group.

About Raimondo Galeano

Italian artist Raimondo Galeano adopted a technique which is still in
progress and based on a very creative use of special luminescent
pigments and powders. His approach to painting, also considering the way
he made use of basic elements such as canvases, brushes and colors, was
at the beginning of his artistic career. The will to improve his
knowledge in the artistic – as well as physic and scientific – fields
together with a peculiar curiosity about Isaac Newton’s ideas, brought
the artist to start his personal research based on the idea that colors
only exit if revealed by means of light, the only instrument able to
give life and forms to the objects around us, thus breaking with colors
and traditional painting. www.raimondogaleano.com


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