Is Congress Above the Law? (Mark’s Column)

Congress insiders: Above the law?

How come Barack Obama can make stupid investments and lose hundreds of millions of US taxpayer dollars? Somebody answer me that. And how come Geithner, Burnanke and Obama can bail out banks overseas rather than helping our people protect themselves from foreclosures by the banks? Answer me that one. After, had the govt. bailed out the people instead of the banks ~ guess where the capital would have ended up, in the banks!

This should be a very serious issue, and there is a great deal of fraud involved that stems from the current president of the United States. Why he is president, I don’t know, but that man should resign. Impeachment doesn’t work, we already found that out with Bill Clinton. The thing about Barack Obama, which multiplies the ploblems he has created ~ is that he WAS NOT BORN IN THE UNITED STATES. If he were, why would he be so offended as to reveal his Birth Certificate to the American public?

As a society, we have failed. We came to the United States and kicked the natives off of their proper land. Then we put them on reservations. Then we teach our children how the natives taught us how to grow corn. . .making everything sound like a sweet and beautiful story. WRONG! Many of the natives were killed off by those who steamed into America on their boats. Then industries took over their land. Very fascinating, isn’t it?

Let’s stop the bologny and get this country back on track. The financial systems need to be repaired in a MAJOR way. . .and we need new leadership in Washington DC. ALL NEW.

You can all catch the latest news on the political and economical front right here ~~ http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/board.aspx?board_id=2434

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Mark Mayr
Mr. Natural Collegiate America
Graduate from Utah State, Penn State and UC Irvine Universities. Presently pursuing a PhD in economics.


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