Iran??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??s nuclear projects are for military purposes

At least through the past twelve years Iranian regime has insisted its nuclear projects are non- military and for peaceful purposes. This is something that the rest of the world did not buy.  Information from the sources inside Iran, discovered by the Iranian resistance, revealed the Iranian regime’s endeavors to acquire the nuclear bomb. Even after the final nuclear deal has been set with Iran  the world’s public opinion is not sure about this regime’ s veracity.
Iran’s state radio and television mistakenly put on its official websites the comments made by Abbas Araqchi which were supposed to be private and only for the state radio and television directors. Araqchi is Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister of and one of the key negotiators in nuclear talks with P5+1. Araqchi, who was speaking in a private meeting on August 1st, reveals some of the distortions made to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). He said that the Vienna accord is different from UN Security Council Resolution 2231 and that the Iranian regime is not planning to implement all its articles.
In this meeting Araqchi complains the leak of information about EBW (exploding bridge wire detonators)  from the Ministry of Defense “that made things worse.” The Iranian regime has always insisted that the exploding detonators as of non-military and non-nuclear nature and claimed that these detonators are used in oil and gas explorations
Araqchi continues: “When we learned that Fordow has been discovered, just before they announce it we got ahead of them and we quickly ordered Mr. Soltania (regime’s then IAEA representative) to declare the site to the IAEA and he did so in a letter to Mr. Baradei… When he referred to give the letter, he was told that Mr. Baradei had gone to the airport to go to Washington. However, Mr. Soltania went to the airport and handed him the letter.”
In these private talks, Araqchi admits,” if someone comes along and claims that Iran’s missile program has violated the Security Council resolution; yes, we have violated it, but we have not violated the [nuclear] deal.”
Araqchi assures his colleagues that this regime will continue arming and supporting the region’s terrorist groups. “It is the official stance of this ministry that the Islamic Republic of Iran will continue to help its regional allies and friends to confront terrorism… We cannot stop sending weapons to Hezbollah and we are not prepared to sacrifice them for the sake of our nuclear program. Thus we shall continue with our work.”
Some of the statements by Araqchi made in a private meeting were mistakably posted on state radio and television website, but they were quickly taken down by orders from regime’s Supreme Security Council.


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