Introducing a new Sister Site for Area-Info

In the background, we have been developing a new sister site to Amazingly, it is called Area-Info ( I know, you are thinking how creative. What can we say? We are just that way.

Currently, the new site ( will highlight submissions that have a broad interest to the public. Submissions on will also be displayed across a “national” platform where the majority of the content on is for local markets.

Area-Info.Info is a responsive website for computers, tablets and smart phones.  The new includes search functions, keyword tags and a more complete “world” section with topics similar to those for the United States. There is also a separate section for “interests”.

Another major difference is that the submissions on are moderated. That means that if a person is a contributor, the articles are not posted automatically. They are reviewed by one of our editors before they “go live”.  This will usually happen within one business day.

Should you still use Of course you should. is still the place to submit anything you want to share. This includes press releases, local news, opinions, reviews, calendar events, etc.   Our continued goal is to have a place where everyone can “share their voice”. Also, there is currently a lot more information on the website. However, we are continually adding new information to the new site.

Throughout the next several months, we will watch the sites, get feedback from our users and of course watch the stats to see what those inanimate numbers tell us about the use. I am sure there will be tweaks and twists to continue to make it better. But, in the meantime, we ask you to continue to use Area-Info to share your voice.

Two sites to share your voice:

New Site – check it out today (and register while you are there).

And (The site to continue to share your voice about anything you want.)

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I have been involved with publishing and marketing for the past 32 years. I enjoy helping people find ways to share their voice. I have found ways to do this through the written word, articles and various media outlets. is an avenue to help everyone have a voice who wants a voice. If you have questions about how you can have your voice heard, I would be happy to schedule a time to consult with you.

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