Interior Features That Make a Tesla Stand Out

Interior Features That Make a Tesla Stand Out

Tesla’s unique business model and widespread popularity has enabled it to become a symbol of modernity in the automotive world. This, coupled with the vehicle’s revolutionary design and impressive handling statistics, has caused it to become one of the most recognizable cars on the road. Even with all these impressive facts, many people don’t know what the interior of a Tesla looks like and how it feels to drive one. Here are some of the interior features that make a Tesla stand out. These are the most impressive things about a Tesla—the very things that make driving one as cool to drive as it looks.

Center Screen

One of the most notable interior features of a Tesla is its full-size center screen. This eye-catching feature improves the driving experience by enabling the driver to interact with the vehicle in a much more intuitive way to control the settings on the car. It also displays the power information for the car, including the battery usage, expected range, and average watts used per mile. As such, these screens not only look cool but also provide a more connected and informative experience.


Not many people have driven Tesla cars, so they may have different ideas of what to expect when driving them. Some of the most notable features are the driving and lane assist features, the steering wheel haptics, and the gauge display. The gauge can display a lot of different configurable metrics, such as power consumption, time, and even a live map, to match the center screen. The steering wheel haptics let you know exactly when you veer out of your lane.

Interior Décor

One of the most underappreciated interior features is the fine craftsmanship that goes into every single fabric and plastic within the cabin. The vegan leather, among other environmentally friendly materials, is a softer and more luxurious leather than you would find on most standard car seats. This material also makes cleaning the seats a breeze. Plus, you can expect to be treated to some nicer detail lighting as well as to a beautiful sunroof that allows you to take in the sights.

Tesla as a company has revolutionized how people think of connectivity. With all the interior features that make a Tesla stand out so much from its competitors, you’re sure to be the envy of anyone you pass on the road!