Infertility Treatment Market Size, Analysis, Trends, Industry Report, 2018-2025

The global infertility treatment market size was valued at USD xx Million in 2017. It is expected to increase the market size to USD xx Million with a substantial CAGR of xx% during the forecast period. Factors that drive the growth of infertility treatment industry are occurrence of lifestyle disorders, declining fertility rates, increase in awareness amongst people regarding infertility, availability of options for treatment and developed technologies for devices used in infertility treatment. Expensive procedures and uncooperative regulations of government are the factors that are hindering the growth of infertility treatment market.

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Infertility is a condition, detected in both women and men. The global infertility treatment industry includes devices, services and drugs given for the treatment of infertility. Infertility is caused by several reasons such as genetic problems, sexually transmitted infections and damage to DNA because of smoking, pollutants such as pesticides, glues and chemical dust. Smoking reduces fertility in men affecting their sperm count and affects oocytes in women. Therefore, various disorders are caused by smoking and lessening the fertility rate and this is one of the biggest factors boosting the growth of infertility treatment market across the world.

Healthcare industry is rapidly changing in the developing market because of rising amount of hospitals, the rise in the surgeries, rise in awareness regarding healthcare and increase in the expenditure by the government are offering the appropriate opportunities for increasing the infertility treatment market. For infertility treatment market in India, the government is spending more on the treatment of infertility.

Global infertility treatment market is segmented on the basis of products, procedures, patient type, end-user and regions. On the basis of products, infertility treatment industry is divided into equipment, accessories and media & consumables. Equipment segment hold the largest shares of global infertility treatment device market. On the basis of procedure, the market of infertility treatment is divided into artificial insemination (AI), assisted reproductive technology (ART), fertility surgeries and many more. Assisted reproductive technology holds the largest share in infertility treatment market.

Based on the patient type, infertility treatment market is segmented into female and male patients. The segment of female patients plays a major role in infertility treatment market share, because of reducing fertility rates in female and availability of options for treatment. On the basis of end-user, infertility treatment market is divided into cryobanks, research institutes, fertility centers and hospitals & clinics. Fertility centers hold the largest share because of increase in the medical visit and success rates of the centers of fertility. These reasons are fueling the growth of infertility treatment market.

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What to expect from the Global Infertility Treatment Market report?

– Predictions of future made for this market during the forecast period.

– Information on the current technologies, trends, devices, procedures, and products in the industry.

– Detailed analysis of the market segmentation, depending on the types, devices, and products.

– Government regulations and economic factors affecting the growth of the market.

– An insight into the leading manufacturers.

– Regional demographics of the market.

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– Venture capitalists, Investors, financial institutions, Analysts, Government organizations, regulatory authorities, policymakers ,researchers, strategy managers, and academic institutions looking for insights into the market to determine future strategies

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