Incredible Vacations in New England

Holidays in New England encapsulate scenes of clapboard houses, white wooden churches, maple syrup and wholesome goodness.

A region of beauty, New England is distinctly American in its rich history, culture and natural charm. The four distinct seasons offer visitors something to do throughout the year. During the summer months the sun is usually out and there are a range of activities from sailing, swimming, surfing or fishing to enjoy. Beaches line the coast from Connecticut to Maine or you may want to rent a log cabin or go camping on a summers evening. Autumn or Fall is legendary in New England and is the best time to take a leisurely drive through the mountains or go hiking or biking to appreciate the gold and red fall foliage. Winter is made fun by the snow and crisp sunny days, the perfect setting for a romantic break or for skiing and snowboarding in the mountains. When the first blooms come out in Spring you may want to explore the mountains and countryside or visit the museums and shops.

New England is made up of six states. Connecticut was home to the famous author Mark Twain in Hartford and is an easy day hop from New York. Filled with pretty villages, antique shops and art museums Connecticut might be small but it certainly delivers on quality.

From the beaches of Cape Cod the bay state of Massachusetts stretches through its capital, Boston, past the Connecticut River to the Berkshire Hills. The Cultural Revolution kindled here, started by writers such as Thoreau and Emerson and visitors can see where it all began for themselves at Plymouth Rock.

Vermont the Green Mountain State, named so after its hilly spine (verts monts in French) has many small towns which continue with the traditional production of dairy farming and maple syrup. It is a “traditional America”.

The Granite state of New Hampshire is dominated by mountains and lakes and a picturesque coast including the impressive Mount Washington. The White Mountains are great for skiing and snowboarding in winter or alternatively for hiking in the summer and autumn months.

To get away from the holiday crowds head to Maine. As big as all other five states put together it has unspoiled landscapes and the longest coastline with lighthouses. Whale watching is popular in this region.

At 37 miles wide and 48 miles deep, Rhode Island is the USA?›ƒ?ªƒ?›s smallest state. However it still manages to boast 400 miles of coastline which is great for sailing. Providence and Newport, two of New England?›ƒ?ªƒ?›s historic cities also offer plenty to do.

As visitors from all over the world have discovered, a vacation in New England offers every pleasure you could desire.


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