Inbound Tourism Spending Habits: Top 10 Expenditure Markets in Focus

Expenditure Markets In Focus report provides in-depth analysis of the top 10 spending markets globally. Here, detailed commentary is provided for inbound spending in the US, China, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Thailand, Hong Kong, the UK and Japan.

The report provides detailed market analysis, information and insights for the top 10 inbound spending markets globally. Historic and forecast tourist volumes covering the top 10 global inbound tourism markets are combined with a detailed analysis of tourist spending patterns in these markets such as average spending per trip and total expenditure. Actionable insight on key trends and issues in these markets is then given.

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Key Major Companies Mentioned:

Brand USA
NYC & Company
Korean Air
Asiana Airlines
US Travel Association
America Gaming Association
American Hotel and Lodging Association
Visit US Coalition
China National Tourism Administration
Ministry of Culture Italy
Tourism Authority of Thailand
Cathay Pacific
American Society of Travel Agents
British Airways


– Chinese tourists are the most significant contributors to Thai tourism. Factors such as the 15-day visa-on-arrival policy and an increase in flight connectivity from the Tier I and Tier II cities allows Chinese travelers to visit Thailand conveniently.
– Due to anti-tourist movements by localities that protest against tourism overcrowding in cities such as Venice and the towns of Cinque Terre, the Culture Ministry has come up with an unprecedented initiative14 to promote the less explored corners of the country for foreign visitors mainly from China, Spain, and the US. Moreover, they have updated transport tickets to provide transportation services from major metropolitan cities to less explored areas.
– In 2017, the US continued to dominate as the highest inbound tourist expenditure market, followed by China and Spain. However, inbound tourist expenditure in the US declined by 0.4% in 2017 compared to 2016, due to a strong dollar and competition from other nations.

Reasons to buy

– Gauge an idea about how the top 10 markets are expected to grow using historic and forecast market data
– Understand the demand-side dynamics within the industry to identify key market trends, growth opportunities
– Direct promotional efforts on the most promising markets by identifying the key source countries.

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Table of Contents

1. Snapshot
2. Top 10 Expenditure Markets in Focus
US: Inbound Tourism Spending Habits
China: Inbound Tourism Spending Habits
Spain: Inbound Tourism Spending Habits
France: Inbound Tourism Spending Habits
Italy: Inbound Tourism Spending Habits
Germany: Inbound Tourism Spending Habits
Thailand: Inbound Tourism Spending Habits
Hong Kong: Inbound Tourism Spending Habits
UK: Inbound Tourism Spending Habits
Japan: Inbound Tourism Spending Habits
3. Outlook
4. Appendix
Terminology and definitions
About GlobalData

List of Figures

Figure 1: Top 10 highest inbound tourism expenditures in 2017 (US$ billion)
Figure 2: Tourist arrivals to the US based on top 10 spending countries
Figure 3: Top 10 countries tourist spending in China (US$ million)
Figure 4: Top 10 countries tourist spending in Spain (US$ million)
Figure 5: Tourist arrivals to Spain based on top 10 spending countries
Figure 6: Top 10 countries tourist spending in France (US$ million)
Figure 7: Tourist arrivals from Germany to Italy
Figure 8: US tourist Spending to Germany (US$ million)
Figure 9: Tourist arrivals to Germany based on top 10 spending countries

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